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Sunday, January 15, 2012

50 Years!

Taking pictures for anyone is a true honor ... the opportunity to preserve a moment in time is something I love about photography. This couple has enjoyed 50 years together which is becoming more and more rare these days! They have an amazing ... and large family ... to show for it! Happy Anniversary D & M !!!!

Five Grandchildren... My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nieces, and nephew ... such a beauttiful family!
Silly Girls!

Another great family session before Christmas completed at the greenhouse in Joliet. These siblings are so much fun to spend time with. Although each of their personalities are quite different and unique from one another ... they blend beautifully together as a family!

I'd like to say I have no idea WHY they were laughing, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures ;)

Pure Sweetness

This session was a special Christmas surprise for the new Daddy. This little guy was so curious about all the action at the greenhouse (and let me tell ya, this Christmas even I was distracted by all the action there!) that it was tough to get him to just look at the camera. Mom had to intervene a lot ... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of them interacting, so sometimes these things work out for the best!!Please note the strand of hair in his hand in the pic below ... he he he he :)

I ADORE his gummy grin!!!!

Drool is part of real life when you are a baby ... some things just should NOT be Photoshopped! lol

Time to Update!

Oh my goodness! I would like to say "where has the time gone" ... but I know exactly where it has gone ... lol. The holiday season of 2011 was a crazy time ... lots of photos, lots of editing, but not a lot of blogging! New year ... resolutions ... and some blog attention.

Let's start with some Senior pictures I did this past fall ... isn't she gorgeous?! Enjoy!